Tidco CIN: U45203TN2003PLC050703

What makes us tick

What makes us tick
1The Privileged Pedigree : Joint Venture of TIDCO and Tidel Park Ltd
2Multiple Counter Parties :
Ministry of Shipping, Road Transport and Highways, Government of India
Government of Tamil Nadu
National Highways Authority of India
Small Industries Development Corporation of Tamil Nadu
3Widening of constituency - beyond institutions and individuals
4Seeking opportunity in every challenge/adversity
5Belief that every problem, by definition, has a solution
6Our commitment lies to the Project - we figure out ways of making Projects happen
7We try not to bite more than what we can chew
8Try and make projects manageable, even if it involves reducing Project Scope/Size
9Constantly try and innovate simple solutions
10Play the role of a honest Arbitrator and Facilitator
11Always willing to learn and change, till the very end
12Above all, we put our soul and give ourselves to whatever we do!